Confirm that the Company is Fully Insured

Licensed contractors are required by the state to carry insurance for their company. If your property suffers damage due to an error made by the contractor or one of his employees, the insurance will pay for the replacement or repair of the damaged property.

Confirm that the Company is City Licensed

To secure a city license, the contractor must have passed his city licensing exam. In addition to testing prospective contractors for knowledge regarding the design, function, maintenance, and repair of cooling and heating systems, the exam also tests their knowledge of the city mechanical codes. The mechanical codes were written to protect building owners from the use of substandard materials or shortcuts which could make the building unsafe. Compliance with the mechanical code reduces the risk of your heating and cooling system malfunctioning in such a way as could cause damage to the building or injury to its occupants. Eastside Heating and A/C has been licensed by all cities and counties in Denver Metro area and the Front Range.